Felix is in bed now, but it is going to feel like Christmas for him tomorrow when he sees all of those comments tomorrow. I have been telling him about my blog (not the content) and he loves seeing the graphs and the countries looking at it. This will make him feel famous.

I’m also very excited to say that he has been invited to the “National Gallery of Victoria” one of only 4 out of over 200 children from his school to participate in an “Arty animal Adventure”. This is so cool!

Felix’s idol is Tim Burton, so there will probably always be a “dark side” to his stories. Now that he knows he has your attention I’m sure the words will flow even easier.

n.b. I try not to edit or intervene in his story…I just write the words that come out of that strange little head of his.

I feel so excited for him, I feel like going and waking him up!!!!