Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and true to its form, here in Australia, it was glorious. Blue sky, with a few wisps of cloud and that blossomy smell that can only signal a change to this blissful season.

I resolved to get the children to the park and we loaded into the Tarago in readiness to visit a little dell that I had driven past many times but never ventured to explore. On arrival, the boys tumbled out of the car, with Felix waiting at the door with his hand reaching out to help his little girl friend who had slept over last night. Sweet and innocent they are in their 9 year old love.

The park was really pretty in a wild and unkempt kind of way. Instead of the lurid colours of the countless council playgrounds we drive past these days, this one was all built from wood with just a little fort and a couple of swings nestled between the pond and lush green grass beyond. A shallow creek flowed into the pool, hinting at the pleasures we may find ahead if we accepted its invitation of the mossy climbing rocks and snaggled trees that beckoned.

After a while on the swings, my youngest and I went to explore. We followed the creek and were pleased to find that its introduction was a truthful illustration of the riches it had in store for us. Jumping from rock to rock, the creek opened out into another pool and we found two ducks deep in conversation on a log. We sat and watched for a while then walked around the rocks and weaved our way between crooked trees to find a damp and mossy boardwalk. My son and I ran along the wooden path and were lead into a dark and mysterious world of overhanging trees with the dank smell of rotting wood and fungi hanging low in the moist air.

Before venturing any further, we decided to go back and get the rest of the gang so we could share the next stage of our quest.

….to be continued