I found this clown hanging on a wire in a lovely old and arty home in a place called Daylesford (Australia). I was attending my ex husband’s wedding actually (yes I had an invitation).

Anyway, my boys were terrified of it and I had to turn it to the wall so that they could sleep. Then the boys in the next room imagined that it was staring at them through the wall. In effect nobody slept and the house was haunted anyway (now I understand what that was all about – not very funny Le Clown).

This my friends was about 4 weeks ago, which is quite a strange coincidence seeing that it is obviously a picture of Le Clown in all his glory and I didn’t even know him then.

If you are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, how about visiting this red-nosed maniac and his gallery of gaggoons (whatever they are).

You may even find Eric there, sitting in the background rolling his eyes and reading a book. He’s actually quite normal and very nice.


Most importantly, I want to know how Le Clown hijacked my weekend 4 weeks ago with his evil eyes and smarmy comment, “We are all clowns, even me” (see top of shitty King hat)

p.s. I’ll paint you one if you like (not exactly the same of course) but would just have to work out how to get it to you. (house warming present for you and Sara!)