I can’t remember how long it was before we got in touch again; whether he called me that night, the next day or if I had to wait until our next lesson. He was on my mind constantly and when we next saw each other, it felt so natural. We decided to continue his dance lessons “privately” (another teaching taboo) and we met several nights a week in his little flat in St Kilda.

Recently, Vorn had taken a job as a security guard at the Highett in Melbourne; a job that he despised as much as the many thugs that he both worked with and was employed to “handle”; a job that he tolerated solely for the money. By this stage I think he had achieved his First Dan and I was fascinated to watch the fluidity of his Kadre and the beauty of his body at work. Vorn taught me a few combinations for my own self defence and we practiced them, enjoying the physicality of his lessons.

After a few weeks, Vorn gave me a key to his flat and I would sometimes arrive before he got home. I took great joy in cooking for him whenever I could and everything I did was met with great appreciation. No one had ever treated me like this before. On our third month anniversary, I decided to give him a surprise present. When he opened the door to his flat, I was waiting for him in high heels and nothing else but “I love you”, drawn in lipstick on my right buttock. I could hardly contain my giggles as I heard the keys jiggling in the lock and his surprise turned to peals of laughter when he saw my “love letter”.

Falling in love was swift and blindsiding for both of us. Neither of us had expected to find feelings so incredible in another. Staying in love was as easy as breathing. We respected each other mutually and I revelled in the stories from his childhood, his experience in the army and his philosophies on life. Making love was spectacular and beautiful. Often we would fall asleep afterward in the middle of the day and I would turn my cheek to rest against his back so that the whisper of my breath woudn’t disturb the fine hairs on his smooth skin. We would wake again and make love again, eyes and bodies locked in an embrace that felt like heaven.

In this time, I took on some modelling and extra dancing for a company called “High Rise City Dancers”. It was good money if not a little shady at times but it helped to pay my rent. Mostly I modelled swimwear or lingerie but I had been also accepted by another agency for mainstream advertising contracts.

I was very excited one day when my agent called to tell me that I had been chosen out of 100’s of girls to feature in the “Big M” calendar. Back in the 80’s, Big M was the only flavoured milk advertised on such a scale in Melbourne and like Coca-Cola, was promoted by bikini clad girls frolicking on beaches making the product look like this was the kind of life you would live if you drank it.

I was ready to take the job. A few months worth of photos had already been taken and I was lined up for April when my agent called me to say that the contract had been cancelled as the photographer had wanted to take more than photos of the girls. The calendar that came out that year was abstract, with no babes, and was the last Big M calendar to be circulated. Modelling wasn’t for me. I wasn’t confident or ruthless enough to survive in that world and I put that dream to rest.


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