Who doesn’t love awards? We all do because it means that in some way we have made an impression, someone has enjoyed reading what we write, or even just appreciated the comments we have written in admiration of their story, poems, photos or heart ache. Sometimes it’s empathy (I have a lot of that to give), sometimes it’s a connection that could be a suburb or half a world away. I love this blogging world, I have some friends here that I have been more candid with than perhaps my best friend face to face.

BUT, I am a bit lazy sometimes, or busy, or tired. I have been lazy with my blog lately (although I think I did just get back on track in some way). I was honored with an award several weeks ago by Daan Van den Berhg from fkknrokk.com; I have barely spoken to him since. That is so wrong! I love his blog, I am passionate about his words, his poetry and his humility (Ha!).

I have stopped looking at Daan’s blog. Do you know why? Because when he nominated me, I had just accepted the same award a few days before. Being awarded for the same thing twice is wonderful but I felt embarrassed to post two awards in a row when I hadn’t posted anything from myself in ages.

Now I feel bad because I have lost his connection, although he has been kind enough to come back and read my posts…I have been distant and out of touch.

Does this happen to other bloggers when they get an award sometimes? It’s such a lovely thing for anyone to get, but it’s a bit of work to properly accept ….but it is also so wonderful to be appreciated. I would never discount that.

So here I am, at 1.15am in Australia, without even starting to accept these lovely accolades. In the morning I have 4 little men to get out of bed, make lunches for, and take to school. BUT FUCK! It’s about time Daan isn’t it?

Daan is wonderful, sensitive, tortured in many ways (my interpretation and sorry if that is wrong), kind, perceptive and a great friend to have. Thank you Daan, for nominating me for the ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award.  In reading your blog, I know you to be supportive, kind, hilarious, poetic and sensitive to all of those you love to read. To be awarded this by you, is a lovely, lovely thing and I apologize for taking so long to officially accept.

Muchos Besos vfrom Jiltaroo  (if there was a thingy that showed blowing kisses off a hand, it would be at the end of this sentence!)

Just in case you didn’t already realize, you must go and visit http://www.ifkknrokk.com/about/ and meet the lovely, and versatile Daan.