Brother Jon at is a blogger I have followed for some time now and enjoy his, humour, wisdom and of course writing. The other day, he included me in a post amongst some incredibly talented people that he enjoys to read. not only this, he asked some other amazing bloggers to comment on us as individuals.

To the two incredible blogettes who also take the time to read my pages and comment on my writing as I go, I really appreciate your encouraging words about my writing and story. I always admire people with side splitting wit. I believe it shows both great intelligence and also humility as often the humour of their  blogs is directed at themselves. Both Jen from and Sara Draws from have an abundance of these qualities. Often I will be caught off guard reading their posts only to find coffee spurting out my nose and onto the keyboard. Within their posts you will also find important and interesting promotions of mental health, worthy causes and the struggles that we all encounter in our daily trek to live and love well.

Thank you guys. Jen xx