Ten Late News and Eden Riley

Aussie Blogger extraordinaire!

Aussie Blogger extraordinaire!

You gotta have a look at this! Our Australian Prime Minister (Julia Gillard), yesterday invited a group of influential Australian blogging women to have a few drinks and a chat with her at Kirribilly House. It is said that she is “….turning to influential bloggers for their views”. One of such women was Eden Riley who I just happened to notice on the 10 late news last night being interviewed about her experience.

Eden has been blogging for just over five years now, and has set a high standard for those to follow. In her blog Edenland, she discusses a myriad of topics, all the while adding her spicy flavour of humour along the way.

As they say, Barack Obama is doing it, David Cameron’s doing it, so yeh, get in there and “engage with our social media Mum’s” Julia! We know things that you may not, so good on you for listening.

Apparently we are “influential”! Damn straight! Perhaps not me just yet, but maybe one day!