Just 4 months ago, I entered the blogging world. I had no idea what it had to offer, I thought I was just writing my little old memoir for me really. I had no concept of the incredible and varied blogs there were on offer, the friends I would make, the discussions I would have and……Secret Santa? The girls that have organised this, Emily (from the Waiting) and Ashley (from ashleyetc) have worked hard to put this together for over 60 bloggers. Many of these present givers I already know and visit their blogs regularly, but some I haven’t met yet. I will enjoy getting to these new bloggers. If this is a new “pool” of bloggers for you, I can guarantee that you will be blown away by this concentrated talent. Don’t be shy, come and have a look at our gifts and while you’re there introduce yourself to some new friends. I can assure you, you will get a very warm welcome from each and every one.

The Waiting

christmas-badgeI could write an introduction, but who would read it?

No one. Because…..

THIS IS THE PRESENTS POST! Goodies for all! Remember that Ashley and I invite you to write your own Festivus-inspired post on your blog. You can drop hints on who you gifted, muse over who gave you your gift, or air your grievances about anything! Just let me know if you write a post so I can link to it on my Facebook page*.

*And what the what? You haven’t “liked” The Waiting on Facebook yet? Get with it, homes.

Secret Santas will be unveiled right here on Friday, December 21.

Now, let’s get right down to it.


1. Gift for & Squatch Makes Three:

Season tickets for the SF Giants and a proper brick pizza oven so Squatch can sample the exquisiteness of his father’s deep-dish pies as they were meant to be.

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