Just a quick note to everyone.

My life has changed a lot in the last year. Firstly I went back to work in my old job as a Financial Accountant for 6 months. Sadly, circumstances changedImage after 6 months with the lovely Director that rehired me becoming gravely ill. It was never going to work anyway as my superior never liked me anyway. It was a very difficult situation.

Anyway, all for the better, I am now studying  for a Degree in Psychology and have moved to my dream home (except for the fact that I don’t own it). I now have 8 chickens, a rooster, a drake and a duck. my boys love the space we have here and it is amazing that in the middle of suburbia, we are living in this piece of heaven.

My oldest son just celebrated his 15th birthday, and I built him a massive slide in the back paddock. We also set up a tent for all of his friends to stay in for the night, and Liam had his first go with the “whipper snipper” to clear a space for a bon fire.

It was an awesome day and night and then another day with a really wonderful group of teenagers. xxxImage