A while ago I had a crazy dream…just crazy enough to appeal to this amazing artist at Happi Anarchy to bring to life. In my original email to Mia.S, I said that I would like to invent a ‘dream camera’. In the interim, this is as close as it gets!

Ok so here it is. My dream.

My father grew up on a farm and as children, we were lucky enough to go there on holidays where we rode horses, swam in the river, rode around on tractors and explored the old farm buildings at the top of the hill.

In my dream, an old wooden shack had appeared from nowhere. It was nestled in between the old barn where the disused Clydesdale harnesses hung, and the old dairy which had since been turned into a piggery.

I was living on the farm and had allowed an old man to move into this rustic little building. He was alone and lonely, and somewhat gruff. One day, I decided to visit and invite myself in for a cup of tea. I knocked on the old wood paling door and listened for his booted footsteps. After a while the door creaked opened and there he appeared; hat tilted down over his face and casting a shadow over his unwelcoming visage. Smoke poured out from around his dusty, suited shoulders and poured out the door.

Knowing that he wasn’t permitted to smoke in the house, he gruffly announced, “The mice are smoking again”. I was surprised at his outlandish lie; obviously it was him that was smoking. Seeing the disbelief on my face, the old man stepped to the side to give me a view, and there gathered behind him were what seemed like hundreds of mice. All were balanced on their back legs and each held a lit cigarette between their 1st and 2nd claws. A hundred thin trails of smoke rose straight up to the ceiling, where they wavered, then combined to make a swirling smoky cloud. The man looked at me with a stern eye, as if to prove his point.

The old man casually swung the door open further. A small gas lamp sat on a low table, generating a soft yellow light. At its edges, I strained my eyes to see, and as they adjusted I could make out the bodies of mice lounging on every available surface; the arms of lounge chairs, the hearth, the table.

The old man had told no lie, the mice were smoking again.

It has taken me a few days to write this as I was trying to work out how it could be drawn. The initial perspective of looking through the door is too narrow to capture the mice fanned out behind the old man. Then, after that, there is the perspective of the mice in the room with the light. After much consideration, I think this would be done best as a series of three pictures. The colours in my dreams were dark and natural woods but with the highlight of the light behind the man, the smoke and the mice.

These are my thoughts….but I am very interested in yours. Would you be up to it? I’m sure if you are able you would do it justice. I would just love to see my bizarre dream in art form.

One day, I’m going to invent a dream camera. How cool would that be!!

Looking very much forward to hearing your thoughts Mia.