Right now I am in the middle of moving house (thank you Sara), http://lamentsandlullabies.wordpress.com/, for sending the rental Gods my way), Applying for a Nursing Degree and breaking up from a four year relationshi as well as selling a business. No sympathy required, ….I just don’t want you all to leave me! Dooooon’t leeeeeave me! So, Because my writing head has probably already been packed and I can’t remember which box it’s in, I’m posting some photos (me of course), from my days and characters at “Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant”.

Enjoy my silly characters from 1988.

My cranky cook. Did I give the story away?

Impudent but dead French “bitch”

Split personality was great. I could be nice on one side and a total bitch on the other…me Gemini….no.

You’ll get wot ur given a’hole!

Hag the Bag

Some of the Crew including Mark Newman