Periferal Vision

I am an Australian woman,

And proud of this scene,

I was thinking today,

About what it should mean.

I have grown up in suburbs of leafy green trees,

And gone to great schools with and without fees,

I have run on the beach, and swum in the surf,

But now that I think of it, I’m English by birth.

My childhood was free of the terrors of war,

My parents were loving and lived by the law,

I played cricket and football in the streets near my home,

And my father was strict with boys and the phone.

Now I’m an adult, a mother and friend,

With children I’ll love until the world’s end,

There are stresses and hardships, we all have those,

But look what we have right under our nose.

A country that’s unique, varied and bright,

That I’ve travelled around on horses and bikes,

I love the bush, the dirt, our animals and sea,

And relish our cultures and fine history.

I’m an Australian woman,

And don’t mind a beer,

Quite partial to a man,

Not shy to shed a tear.

BBQ’s, beaches, ball sports and sun,

We are lucky to have these chances for fun,

Restaurants, wine and freedom of speech,

People that listen, learn and then teach.

This is my story, my steps are my own,

Plenty of others forge their way in this zone,

Far from the shore of their cultures and roots,

But proud to place feet in Australian boots.

Congratulations to those that celebrate this day,

Whether it be by BBQ, or in your own special way,

Australian women are not all the same,

But who cares if we all have a similar aim.

No matter your culture, race, tint or breed,

As long as we share the same basic needs,

Happiness, health, peace love and life,

Australian women can stand and unite.